Our vision

The vision of Weightless Warrior is to enroll float spas all over the world to give float therapy to veterans suffering from PTSD. Already, so many have benefitted from float therapy and WW is all about sharing the results, creating a community, and spreading the awareness about how float therapy can help heal PTSD.



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If you own a float spa and want to be a part of the program, please reach out! Veterans, it's ideal to contact your nearest float spa directly.

Short PTSD Rating Interview (SPRINT)

SPRINT is what we use to asses the severity of our participants PTSD before, during, and after our 10 float program.



Military1.com – A New Method in PTSD Treatment

“They feel calm in the tank. They feel like it’s secure, and they’re safe, and they can approach the traumatic events in more of an internal counseling session with themselves.”

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Time Magazine – Floating and PTSD

"After drawing their blood throughout the intervention, he found a 22% drop in their levels of the stress-signaling hormone cortisol."

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Floating: The New Frontier in Physical and Emotional Health

"The beauty of it is it's all natural - you're not putting any foreign substance in your body,"

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