Baby Crying: Change Magic Formulas To The Way You Raise Your Child

Before a baby is born, expectation is born. Does he suck little? Does he suck a lot? Does he sleep well ? Is he good? Do you cry a lot ?

Then, the search for natural tranquilizers, promising colic suppressants and chairs that promise to replace the mothers’ arms begins. Development has its processes and it is important that we know about them. There is no miraculous droplet, I repeat, no magic remedy that will silence your baby’s growing pain at a time. (Then we can talk a little more about each of these phases – the dreaded growth spikes and developmental leaps ). They happen and that means that in the first months of life, your baby will live intensely natural developmental processes, which will – yes – tire you out, but I am here to repeat: Everything is fine. Will pass. And others, different, more or less intense, will come.

The ripening of the intestine that causes gas and terrible cramps will give rise to the beginning of the discovery of the body, which causes the inconsolable discomfort of the perception of the mother’s absence , then the teeth and the walking will come … And everything is fine. Will pass.

The baby, in all its uniqueness, always has something to teach us

From delivery to adaptation to breastfeeding , excessive sleep or lack of it, the loud crying that torments. Too much or almost no hunger. All of this teaches us and makes us the mother we need to be for the child we have. We cannot go looking for a miracle to change the nature of our shoot. It is what we need and, in turn, we also need to be the root for it. For this, it is necessary to be attentive and strengthen us in the face of repeated waking dawns. It’s us and the baby . No miracle soothing, no artificial arms, no baby silencers. We need to learn to learn from the stark and pure nature that overflows from our children.They don’t need to be nice, they don’t need to be silent or smiling, they don’t need to breastfeed or be independent, they need our disposition and our love. Our readiness to help them survive and live. For love is like that, isn’t it? It happens without us being able to predict the calm or the storm that it brings us. We need to accept, enjoy and live this to the best of our ability.

Being a mother means losing control, adapting, adapting and finding yourself

It is necessary to let go of our own expectations and embrace our children as they are, without judging them as bad or good. The days go by and each one is different from the other. We should not and do not need to cling to labels and categorize our baby as normal or atypical. However easy or challenging it may be, it will teach you daily about your own limitations and potential.

I know that crying hurts, but we have to stop looking for reasons or solutions for the natural discomforts of childhood. Eat well, drink water and grow arms strong enough to hold your baby’s barbell (and weight), have chest and love. The rest will do. Don’t waste time testing magic formulas, cultivate your way of raising your child. What will soothe your baby’s crying or agitation, only you will be able to know. Find out how to calm him down. Whether with a lot of chest, hot tub or homeopathy. Cultivate your way of being a mother.