Our vision

The vision of Weightless Warrior is to enroll float spas all over the world to give float therapy to veterans suffering from PTSD. Already, so many have benefitted from float therapy and WW is all about sharing the results, creating a community, and spreading the awareness about how float therapy can help heal PTSD.


What we do

Weightless Warrior provides encouragement and guidelines for float centers to provide a veteran PTSD program. We're also a central hub for veterans to find a center that has a veteran program.

How To Join Weightless Warrior

If you own a float center and want to start your own Weightless Warrior program, it's extremely easy.

First, reach out to local veteran groups and let them know you have a program that gives free floats to veterans. At Reboot, where Weightless Warrior started, we gave 10 weekly floats to interested veterans and always asked them to bring their DD214 or active service form to confirm their service. On their first float, we have them fill out our onboarding form and played a guided meditation to ease them into it. If they are comfortable with silence on the second float, then we make that an option. After 5 and 10 floats, we have them journal again using that same form.

Once you've started your program, fill out the form below so we can add you to the map!

Ready to Sign Up weightless warriors?

Download the On-Boarding form that your applicants can sign and journal in during their program. Feel free to download it and customize it for your spa!


Enter an address or zip code and click the find locations button.

Email Us

If your float spa has started a Weightless Warrior program, please reach out, so we can add you to the directory.



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